Measurence Scout 101

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Why is Measurence Scout a great solution for me?

Any company building an online presence wouldn’t think twice about the need for sophisticated web analytics. They have become an essential tool for understanding online customer behaviors and driving site improvement efforts. However, the non-digital world has lagged behind as it is more difficult to easily ascertain offline behavior. Measurence has created a solution for this.

Measurence Scout is like Google Analytics for your physical venues!

  • Data streams from our sensors and other data sources provide you with key performance metrics.
  • Measure traffic flows anywhere there’s a power outlet, then monitor your results on our cloud service.
  • Measurence Scout provides you with accurate insights on visiting trends during a day.
  • Measurence Scout can tell you about returning customers to your location. Returning customers are integral to the growth of an offline business just as it is for an online business!
    Measurence Scout is easy to install. Just plug, tune and play! No IT involvement is required. You can even create your own custom area to monitor.
  • Need help understanding your offline sales funnel? Measurence Scout can provide you with robust data on passersby and in-store conversion rates, and connect with your point-of-sales data to give you a comprehensive view!

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What does Measurence Scout do?

Measurence Scout continuously analyses the behavior of people in and around your physical locations and then provides actionable and accessible insights that will help you understand your customers’ journeys and optimize your marketing ROIWant to learn more? Contact us at

Can Measurence Scout be used in my retail store?

Yes, Measurence Scout Retail edition can give you insights on people passing by your store, stopping by your window/display, and the time they stay in or near your store. Our proprietary algorithm can tell you information on passersby, people entering the store, and purchasing data.

I’m going to rent a location for my new store. How can Measurence Scout help me?

Measurence Scout Real Estate edition will help you understand which areas have the highest traffic at which times, which will help you to choose the best place to rent

I manage billboards. Can Measurence Scout be used to measure the footfall in front of them?

Yes, Measurence Scout Out of Home edition can give you information on footfall around your ad. As well, Measurence Scout OOH edition sensors come with an IP65 weatherproof enclosure to allow installation virtually anywhere.

Does Measurence Scout work on the move?

Yes. Anywhere with a power outlet is a great place for Scout to start collecting data! It can also help you understand your vehicle-based campaign visibility and maximize your return on advertising spend.

How can Measurence Scout help me grow my business?

We are working on a solution to help you take further action on Measurence Scout’s insights! Stay tuned!

Does Measurence Scout work in my country?

Currently, we support the US and most countries in the EU but we have options available for other countries.

What are the privacy ramifications surrounding using Measurence Scout?

Measurence is deeply concerned about privacy and is committed to obeying all relevant regulations. Measurence is a member of the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and is fully committed to the FPF’s Code of Conduct. We take special care to keep vital or personal information safe and we apply a privacy by design approach to our technology.


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