Creating a Legacy in Small Businesses with Billboards

Oct 4, 2017 4:23:20 PM

Last week, I had the honor to meet The Billboard Guy (or the Billboard Godfather, depending on who you ask), Eddie Saunders Jr, Marketing Account Executive at Comstor Outdoor. They call him the Billboard Guy because he puts himself out there --spending time in the local businesses as well as putting himself on billboards--and is very knowledgable about the industry. In fact, that has been his number one lead driver. It’s a whole other level to see a guy on a billboard and then have that same guy drop by your business.

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A Buyer's Journey in Out-of-Home Advertising

Sep 27, 2017 5:43:54 PM

“Unlike other mediums, Out-of-home has seen growth every single year. I’ve always been able to pay the bills very well and it’s a medium that works! It’s always going to be around till the end of time or till we figure out how to teleport from one location to the other, we will have OOH advertising.”  - Kristy Vivian, VP of Business at Billups


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Q&A: Changing the Way OOH is Created, Planned and Bought

Sep 21, 2017 4:53:31 PM

"Once OOH is in your blood, you start appreciating it more and noticing its effectiveness..." - Brent Baer, VP of Business Development at Buntin OOH Media. 


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1st, 2nd, & 3rd party data and its effect on your ROI

Sep 8, 2017 4:59:32 PM

Data is the foundation of the brand’s customer relationships today and strategies for tomorrow. The use of first, second, and third party data allowing buyers and sellers to better define audiences and maximize their ROI is rapidly evolving in all industries. In Out-of-home, it enables buyers to better target the most appropriate audience, while sellers benefit from optimization of their media assets.

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OOH Key Metrics: Discovering Blind Spots

Sep 1, 2017 6:35:50 PM

How big is your potential audience? How many of those people saw your ad? What about how many of those exposed to your messages were driven to engage with your brand? Has there been a measurable impact on sales? While there are quite of few metrics to measure your advertising spend, for now we'll focus on impressions, peak time, ad exposure, reach, frequency, and dwell time. 

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The Powerful Impact of Location Intelligence on OOH

Aug 25, 2017 4:37:42 PM

Location once again is the missing link! This data offers a huge opportunity to create a competitive advantage while empowering businesses to make better and more actionable decisions. Location intelligence provides a way to reveal relationships between data sets that might not have otherwise been obvious. As for out-of-home, applying a geocentric approach to measure advertising impact yields significantly more insightful and accurate results. By identifying out-of-home impact zones with a focus on areas of the location and applying customized, advanced analytics, marketers can isolate the impact of out-of-home campaigns. Not only that,  out of all the contexts, it’s the one in which customers engage with the most. In other words, location data is crucial for out-of-home media as it helps you choose the most cost effective space for you and your client, get audience insights and continues the buyer’s journey while allowing you to measure the impact and get more bang for your buck.


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Design and Measure your OOH Campaign!

Aug 5, 2017 1:25:03 AM

Traditional Out-of-Home advertising has seen significant changes from developments in digital platforms to data sources and thus better measurement tools. According to Magna Global, out-of-home advertising was the only traditional media business to grow last year. A lot of cities are now looking at all the data that gets produced by various systems as well as how the data is captured and analyzed. This data is based on external conditions like CRM data, weather, traffic, location and more, which have been optimizing both creative and their return of investment for their marketing campaigns. They have become an integral part of building this growthWith this medium becoming more established, brands can reach their desired audience throughout a host of environments more cost effectively and focus on engaging audience in real time.

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Q&A: Shaping Metrics for Out-of-Home Advertising

Jul 19, 2017 5:08:44 PM

I recently had the honor to interview a global citizen, proficient in 9 languages, and OOH influencer, Matteo Ceurvels, Multilingual Digital Strategist & Marketing Researcher at eMarketer. He has 8+ years of experience in managing multiple global accounts and building strategic communications and marketing initiatives within the private and public sectors. 

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Feb 14, 2017 4:32:03 PM

On May 14th, we presented the implementation of a real-world application based on Akka Streams at Scala Italy 2016 conference. The experience was amazing and, most important, it gave us the chance to share our knowledge with the community. Now, we want to share our work with you.

Why did we decide to talk about Akka Streams? No rush! We will gradually answer to this question. In order to understand the main achievements that led us to present our work, we first need to look at the situation in which everything started.

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Feb 14, 2017 4:29:57 PM

Kippino is a Slack bot that will periodically collect metrics from your team mates and store them in a shared Google Spreadsheet. From there you can build dashboards, analyze trends and trigger alerts. It’s a very simple but effective way to start being a data-driven organization.

Kippino was born out of frustration. We wanted to start collecting metrics right now but we didn’t have time to build automated scripts and integrations. If this situation sounds familiar, keep reading!

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